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Market Research: Key to an Effective TV Commercials and Online Video Production in Perth

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In the early 1980’s, video recording video recording was in its infancy in the United States. During those days, American homes did not have a VCR. After more than 3 decades, video recording has obviously evolved and grown a lot thanks to the availability of high definition video cameras and advancement in technology.

Yet despite the incredible technological advances over the decades, many things have remained constant. The goal of every video production is to capture and retain audience interest, tell a story, and accomplish one’s objectives were all critical. This is especially true for videos that are used for online and television commercials. Continue reading for more infos on TV commercials…

When producing a TV commercial or online video, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

The first and foremost rule when creating an advertisement video, or any form of communication program, is to identify your audience. You need to conduct market research so that you’ll be able to determine who will receive a message so that proper product placement, advertising and promotions can be done.

In other words, when planning to produce a corporate video for your advertising both online or on television, know your targeted audience’s level of expertise or experience is with the topic. This will avoid the problem of shooting too low. For instance, avoid wasting their time showing or telling them something they know or too high. Otherwise, you will end up losing them because you assume a level of expertise they haven’t yet attained.   Read our post about office cleaning.