What kind of performance review do you want, anyway?

Fewer than half of employees say performance reviews help improve performance.

Performance reviews are a part of an organisation activity that is normally dreaded by both managers and employees. However, when done correctly, performance reviews can be helpful both for managers, employees and the team.

Business performance reviews are an important task. In fact, it should be more than just a task to mark off your to-do list. As a manager, you can transform your review process into an effective way to improve employee performance and satisfaction. Time spent on performance reviews is an investment in your workforce.

Significant preparation is an important element when it comes to performance review. Start with the job description and your company’s goals for the role. Gather data about the employee’s performance throughout the year.

Keep in mind that a performance review should be a private conversation between you and your employee. Plan to meet in an office or area that is away from customers and other employees. Select the day and time, and tell the employee well in advance.

In a performance review, your evaluation is important. However, your employee’s evaluation on his or her performance is also valuable. To make this more effective, you can include self-assessment for your employees to see how they feel about their performance.

An article posted by Sydney Morning Herald can help you with your performance review. You can check out the full article here: http://www.smh.com.au/business/workplace-relations/what-kind-of-performance-review-do-you-want-anyway-20161219-gte3z0.html